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We are a community of builders who believe that decentralized technology has the potential to fundamentally transform people's lives for the better and create a fairer, more just society.

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Genesis of TryCrypto

Crypto technology continues to advance at a dizzying pace. Those brave enough to be on the bleeding edge are already experiencing its many benefits. But for mainstream users, crypto still remains opaque, something to read or hear about on the news when there’s a hack or a transaction involving a gargantuan sum of money. For them, using crypto remains largely out of reach because the experience is so high friction. Decentralized technology is intended to bring about economic equity in the world. But this too is stymied because of the usability problem.

I founded TryCrypto to solve these problems. Our mission is to make crypto more accessible to mainstream users and we’ll do it with focus and empathy. Also, we’ll put an emphasis on projects that can help make global economic equity a reality.

In addition to working on these problems, I also want TryCrypto to be a bright, shining beacon for the world to see that women can not only excel in the crypto domain, but their innate empathy enables them to create amazing solutions that move the entire ecosystem forward without leaving those less privileged or less abled behind. To this end, TryCrypto will be a women-led, women-first organization as it begins its journey toward a more equitable world.

Nik Kalyani
Founder, TryCrypto

Core Crew

We work on projects that make crypto more accessible.

  • Aimara Garcia


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    For a more inclusive and empathetic web. For a better web, which we deserve.

  • Angelica Turla


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    To build a more equitable world - where boundless opportunities are accessible to everyone.

  • Dayana Yankulova


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    Initially I wanted to get into the world of blockchain & crypto, but now I want to help others do it. I want to see blockchain simplified and open to everyone — a web3 with no limitations.

  • Megan Conard


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    I believe that crypto technologies can change the world, but only when women and minorities get a seat at the table. TryCrypto's equality focus drives me toward finding new ways that crypto can do good in the world

  • Mirna Maria


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    I believe every person can make this world better, and I know TryCrypto is going to give more opportunities for a lot of people to make it happen.

  • Niharika Singh


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    I want to see the world try crypto.

  • Radhika Lal


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    I want to build products that make crypto accessible and understandable for users across the globe.